Overview of Green Chef and My Other Favorite Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services continue to gain popularity as people become busier but still desire to eat healthy meals at home. A meal delivery service allows you to avoid fast food and other unhealthy options. These services also help you avoid the rushed trips to the grocery store to get everything you need to make a healthy meal at home. Companies like Green Chef, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated, all provide gourmet meal services that bring everything you need straight to your door. The following are my family’s favorite meal delivery kits that we’ve tried so far. Hopefully, this information can help you choose the best meal delivery service for your needs.

Green Chef

The meal delivery service from Green Chef is ideal for those who prefer organic foods as everything they offer is made from organic ingredients. They use seasonal and sustainable foods in their meal selections to help eliminate stress and strain on the environment. Those who use Green Chef can choose meals based on personal preferences and they also offer vegan selections. The meals are designed to be easy and quick to prepare so that you aren’t cooking a complicated meal in the evening after a long day at work. Some of their recent meals include Cherry Balsamic Pork, Middle Eastern Flatbreads, and Southern Fish ‘N’ Chips.


This easy to use site allows you to choose the meals you like from their large selection of tasty, but simple to prepare, meals. Plated has a culinary team that works to develop meals that anyone can prepare on a weeknight when time is limited. All the ingredients are precisely measured which helps even the inexperienced cook prepare a chef quality meal at home. They create seasonal meals based on what’s fresh and the meat used is always antibiotic free. Plated also allows you to easily adjust your delivery days during the week based on preference.

Hello Fresh

Those who use Hello Fresh can choose from several different meal plans, including classic, veggie, or family. The classic plan includes a huge variety of ingredients that allows you to sample foods that you may not have tried otherwise. The veggie plan works well for those who prefer meat-free protein options and lots of fresh vegetables. If you have picky kids at home, the family-friendly plan always includes some kid-friendly ingredients in meals that are very simple to prepare. Each box includes all the ingredients needed for the meal, pre-measured to save time, and a quick recipe card to show you exactly to prepare the meal.

Blue Apron

This meal delivery service was created to help members find joy in cooking healthy and simple meals in their own kitchen. They offer farm-fresh ingredients and seasonal menus that are created to take advantage of the freshest foods year-round. You can choose from meals designed for two people or family meals for those who have more mouths to feed. The meals can be delivered at your convenience and deliveries can be skipped and rescheduled as needed. Blue Apron also allows you to easily personalize your meals based on dietary needs.


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