5 Reasons to Try a Meal Delivery Kit with Your Family

Full-time work weeks in the United States are some of the longest in the world. Just two years ago, adults who worked full-time spent an average of 47 hours per week working on job sites or remotely. Full-Time employment averages are still similar in 2017. Working so much leaves little time for relaxing, spending time with family or — likely the favorite part of your childhood — cooking meals.

With little time to spare, giving a meal delivery kit a try in your home is unquestionably worth a shot. Meals — despite what you or other consumers may think — are tasty, save time, and prepared with fresh local ingredients. Let’s look at five reasons why you — you, the reader! — should try a meal delivery kit like Terra’s Kitchen or Sun Basket.


1. Forego the hassle of grocery store visits

Grocery store visits are chock full of troubles: finding items, selecting high-quality produce, waiting through long lines — and that’s not counting transportation to and from the grocer. The average grocery store trip, without considering time spent on the road, lasts 41 minutes.

2. Meal delivery kits are less wasteful the traditional shopping

Unless you purchase often-unhealthy, pre-portioned meals from grocery stores, you must buy whole containers of spices or large portions of produce. Not buying in pre-portioned amounts is wasteful, as you will probably throw out the rest of that produce before using it. In fact, the U.S. throws out a staggering $165 billion of food every year.

When you order meal delivery kits, necessary ingredients — even spices — are portioned precisely for one-time use. Save your pocketbook and pantry by purchasing meal delivery kits.

3. Easier to clean up

Arguably the worst part of cooking is the cleanup that follows enjoying a delicious meal. Time spent cooking is nearly always longer than time spent eating the meal itself — the last thing you want is to expend effort towards the menial task of cleaning up.

Meal delivery kits are designed by trained chefs with convenience and experience in mind. These kits, no matter where you order from, usually require only one or two pots or pans. You will spend less time cleaning up after eating, shown to make most people sleepy.


4. Gain experience cooking new dishes

Cooking routine, tried-and-true meals is easier than learning new methods of the kitchen. However, you can’t learn if you don’t try something new.

Meal delivery kits include detailed instructions how to prepare dishes. Most kits are restaurant-quality meals you could only dream of cooking correctly. However, because these helpful kits include instructions, you can learn to cook new dishes.

5. Meal kits can provide more nutrition than self-cooking

Including healthier food into dishes is often challenging. Healthier food, unfortunately, usually tastes worse than less-healthy options. Fortunately for you, several meal kit providers are offering healthy, tasty dishes for you and your family. There are also lots of options to incoporate special dietary restrictions or plans, like Paleo, gluten-free, low carb, vegan and other options.

Meal delivery kits are all the rage for good reason. They provide new options, higher nutrition, and are more convenient than traditional cooking and shopping.


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