About Us

Hi and welcome to my kitchen! My name is Sherie, and I’m a stay-at-home mom who’s passionate about my kitchen. The kitchen is the center of family life – it’s where I spend hours preparing meals for my family to enjoy, where we cook up meals to dine with friends, and where the kids plop down at the end of the school day for snacks as to do their homework. Of any room in our house, the kitchen is hands down the most frequently used, which is why I decided to start this blog.

On the Sherri’s Kitchen blog, I share the secrets to keeping a clean and tidy kitchen, divulge my favorite recipes, and discuss food nutrition (in my past life I was a registered dietician). More recently, I’ve started an entire section devoted to reviewing meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Green Chef, Sun Basket, Marley Spoon and more. These meal kits have been a great way to involve our kids in the cooking process and try new, more adventurous foods than we are used to. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions, so feel free to send me a message! I hope you find this blog useful and informative!